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Aloha everyone,

I thought I'd give you some information that might be helpful with your planning or at least help you to be familiar on how and where the deliveries of this incredible food from Waipouli Restaurant is going. I am the Vice President of KKOA (Kukulu Kumuhana O Anahola). When Kristi contacted me, our group had already been involved with delivering CSA boxes to over 250 kupuna and families affected by COVID19 in Anahola. Weʻve been serving this community for almost 12 years prior to COVID19 arriving at our doorstep. Weʻve been so blessed through the SHOW ALOHA CHALLENGE and it came at perfect timing as next week will be our last delivery of CSA boxes.

Each day there is a different group of people that deliver to different areas:

Monday - Kaui Neves and her husband Dennis picks up 60 lunches and delivers to kupuna and families in need in the Farm Lots/Bayview area in Anahola. She also picks up the same amount on Fridays as well. 

Tuesday - Suzanne and her husband pick up 40 lunches and deliver them to Wailua Houselots. Donna Stokes picks up the remaining 20 and delivers to Anahola Makai area. They deliver to both kupuna and families affected by COVID19.

Wednesday - Avis Ladera from Crossroads Christian Fellowship picks up 60 lunches and delivers to the houseless at Lydgate. Avis and her team meets regularly with a group of women on Fridays as well so she and her team assist in this area regularly. When Child Family Services provided their Festival of Hope distribution, they also helped those in this area to register and pick up much needed food and supplies.

Thursday - Carol Lovell picks up 60 lunches then meets up with Lillian Kekahu in Anahola and delivers to 2 different areas in Anahola.

Instead of just reaching the same 60 people each week, at least 240 people are being reached through SHOW ALOHA CHALLENGE. My mom is one of those people. She is 93 years old and as Iʻm delivering CSA boxes in Anahola, I always get a call on Tuesday from her sharing how blessed she is to receive this meal and how delicious it is. She walks me through every single thing that is in her meal and how perfectly cooked and tasty it is. Itʻs my favorite phone call of the day! 

Kaui Neves and her husband Dennis put together a collage so Mina can post it at her restaurant that shows all the kupuna and families that are receiving these great meals. Thought Iʻd include some pics for all of you :). Looking forward to connecting with you soon.  Rae

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Meals were delivered to Kaniko’o Senior Housing, Lihue Gardens, and Lihue Theater.

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